Stop services starting up on boot Ubuntu eg: MySQL or Apache

So running Linux Mint is great! I effectively develop on an OS extremely close to the production environment, I can run apache vhosts or nginx proxies, MySQL and MongoDB and it’s all just like production.

If you have ever tried developing on windows you are aware of the pains, slow php, ridiculous permission systems, tonnes of “updates” aka spyware. I have collegues who snigger then proudly point to their fashion accessory with a glowing apple on the cover… this is no better IMO. Yes apple have reasonable hardware and they are sturdy.. but the OS is defintely not for the serious programmer, multiple windows with no task bar for a start. Brew? And don’t get me starting on the hell hole that is xcode or the app store! And have you tried working on one of the those macs where they hide half the keys, what’s with that?

Anyway, enough windows and apple bashing as I could fill up an entire post on this topic. Back to the original topic.

OK, so the example is to disbale mysql on startup:

You should now be able to see a new file:

That’s pretty much it. The command basically writes a file with manual in it. Reboot your computer and you should find mysql is not started. This is great, you can now have many services ready and waiting, start them up as and when you want them eg:


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