Mounting a windows partition in Linux

Mounting a windows partition in a Linux OS (eg Linux Mint dual booting) requires the format be readable in Linux eg ntfs, but in Windows 8+ they added a new little “joy” preventing the partition from being unmounted.

The new feature is called Fastboot, this basically does not unmount the partition resulting in any other operating system throwing an error when attempting to read. To turn this feature off (and from experience the cold boot speed is not that much faster, maybe around 5 seconds):

  1. Head to control panel -> power options -> system settings
  2. The following dialog should then be shown:
  3. Click the link “Change settings that are current unavailable”
  4. Uncheck the option for “Turn on fast start-up (recommended)”
  5. Lastly, be aware that on major Windows updates they seem to think it a great idea to reset all the bulls#@t settings to their default including this one and most likely the one that uses your machine as a node in their Windows update network. If the world was run by good people MS would not be able get away with this.. but hey… what can you do.. oh yeah.. don’t use Windows 😉

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