Running sass on your ubuntu 14 lts server with node js

This worked for me when editting files on a windows machine and rsyncing the fileset to an Ubuntu server.

1 – Use in your package.json (or whatever is the current version when you read this):

2 – Run the npm install from you local machine.

3 – Sync the files to the server (see this previous post)

4 – After the files have synced down to the server and you try and start your node app you will likely get an error looking like:

5 – The way to get around this error is simply run from the cli of the server in the root of you node app this command which fixes whatever it is that windows messes up (probably something to do with file types or line endings…):

6 – Your app should now start, however there is little issue that when you sync down to the server again from you local machine (running windows) you will start getting the error again. To bypass this simply add this exclude to your rsync command: