Updated: javascript-page-scroll-and-time-tracker

This is an updated version of a previous post: http://webconfiguration.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/javascript-page-scroll-and-time-tracker.html

The time on page is now limited to a set number of slots, a little easier and more straight forward to manage.

Please see the previous post (at the bottom of the script for how to implement the scroll into view stuff)

Javascript page scroll and time tracker

UPDATE POST HERE > http://www.beingyesterday.com/javascript/updated-javascript-page-scroll-and-time-tracker/

Heat maps are pretty cool, but they are not free.

Google Analytics does offer  free click % option:
Behaviour > behaviour flow > site content > all pages,  then find the “In-Page” link.. it will likely through an error with an option to view full page.. click this option and you can then see click percentages on your site.

Often you might promote a single page but wonder why people are not moving on from the page, and better yet your analytics program willjust say the user bounced with no further insight.

This script can fire off event tracking to ga when you users have reached different points on your page, that way you know how far people are getting to before they get bored. Further to this you can optionally set trackTimeOnPage to true and the script can fire off events to let you see how long poeple are hanging around on the page.

Set your controling parameters within the pageTrack.variables array.

If you set the script to track page on time then ensure you expand the  “pageTrack.trackVisitLength();” to do more than just console log the time on the page.

To use this script see the block just inside the body tag. The rest can included inside another js file.


Using the above js:

The HTML is would apply to