Adobe CS2 free of charge?! Yes please.

So you are a little like myself and dabble a little here and there with graphics, but learnt your skills of the graphic trade in the adobe programs and cannot stomach the cost of Photoshop or Illustrator?

I have tried to become a wizard in Gimp, but the way it works feels far from natural. Although I do love their idealistic values I cannot afford to waste time trying to do what I can do in Photoshop in 5minutes what it takes in Gimp..

There are even online photoshops out there, but once again they are so limiting you spend more time trying to bend the program to your will than actually getting the job done.

So, I was passed this the other day… You can download the entire CS2 suit for free complete with activation codes! If you are not a hardcore graphics designer then I advise you to have a look. It does require an adobe ID however they are free to create…

Enjoy  you legal photoshop 🙂

Installing Java on Ubuntu 12.10 Server for Assetic

One very powerful tool I have recently discovered for managing assets of a Symfony web application:


Assetic runs in conjunction with the “yuicompressor” which can, as the name says, compress your css and js files, very slick!

The only problem is that you will need to install Java onto your Ubuntu server for this extension to run. There are a few guides out there that I found (like this one) that are quite lengthy.. and to be honest a little too verbose.

So, to take from a few of them and simplfy the process:

You can now check which version you are running:

To remove Java simply run:

That’s it. Java should now be installed.

If you are getting errors in the css files created by Assetic, before you start searching “the google” just ensure that the www-data user has access to the “yuicompressor-2.4.8.jar” (or which ever version you are using)